Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So coleman was working out on the house tonight, doing some wiring and such so i took him dinner.. It was dark outside and not only did i get lost getting there but his food was about cold by the time i got to him. The house is coming along though.. Coleman and his buddy John have been working on the audio wiring throughout the house most the week and some of last week. The construction loan should be getting all figured out by the end of this week and then they'll be able to move forward faster and get the house done. It is projected to be done by the end of October or Early November so i guess we'll see how it goes.. Im going to get some pictures on here though.. Im excited.. Our life is coming together quickly now all we need to do is get married ; ) haha

Monday, September 22, 2008


I am so excited right now.. i have been working on my blog a lot today trying to figure things out.. But i did it! after you kinda sorta figure out what you're doing its really not too hard! Thanks to leelou's free layouts i got a cute new backround!! This blog thing is really fun i enjoy it. So anyways here is the latest update on my life.. Im still going to school... Its really fun i just REALLY need to get more people to come in to me. That's my biggest challenge right now. So if anyone is interested in getting their hair done or wants a facial or anything let me know and i can help you get an appointment! i need all the help that i can get!