Friday, June 17, 2011

Las Vegas - Part 2

Okay here are more pics. While we were at the Venetian waiting for the show we discovered that this hotel totally ROCKS!! They have gondala rides and Madame Tussauds House of Wax. And they have a store called Paige!!

A new favorite picture.

The sweet gondola ride!

Well I didn't get a picture of the 4 of us in our own gondola the very next day but we did go on a ride!! A little expensive but how often do you get to go on vacation right? It was pretty romantic! :)
After the Blue Man Group show we walked to the Hard Rock Cafe and had dinner.. I have never been to a Hard Rock cafe so that was sweet. We bought some shirts and took some pics.

I love the Bellagio. 1. because of the awesome fountain show that I love to watch 2. It's just  really beautiful hotel and we discovered a beautiful inside too!!

This place was decorated so beautiful. I have been told that they change it with the season and the holiday.

Sweet Tree.

Bird habitat

The ceiling in the lobby!! It was so pretty.

We also did a lot of shopping at the outlet mall. The boys spoiled themselves rotten!! They are crazy shoppers. Lydnsi and I did pretty good though!! We actually didn't spend very much $$$. Maddame Tusauds House of Wax is so cool. We met a lot of celebrities ; ) Whoopi Goldberg met us at the entrance along with Will Smith.

Coleman was trying to look as cool as The Rock

Here he is trying to give Jennifer Lopez a kiss but she knows he is a married man!! How dare he do that!

Okay everytime i look at this picture i bust up laughing so hard!!! Lyndsi just beat Tiger Woods at golf!!! ; )

Coleman and Tiger Woods
Coleman and Jessica Simpson

Here are some NASCAR pics for Grandma Lauretta.

Us and Tim.. He's so good looking!! Even if this was only a wax model.

Jammin with Beyonce.
Coleman and Snoop Dog.

Another one for Granmda Ret.

I still can't believe I got to meet OPRAH!! : )

I just have to say that I have the most amazing husband in the world!! I had such a great time with him on this trip!! I am so grateful for the wonderful husband and father that he is!! He is such a great provider and he is truly my best friend!! I can't imagine my life without him and I hope I never have too!! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful Eternal Companion!! I love you Coleman!! Thanks for a great vacation!!


So Coleman and I along with our great friends Taylor and Lyndsi Morrow decided to plan a trip to get away for a few days.. We really wanted to go on a cruise or something extravagent but we didn't have the time nor the money for something like that. but Las Vegas isn't too far away and there is a lot to do there.. Plus Taylor had never been to Vegas before so we thought it would be fun!! We were going to take the cheap flights but we had the opportunity to pick up a free boat while we were in Vegas so we drove the truck so we could haul it back.. More on that story to come..  We booked our hotel rooms with a show package that saved us a lot of money!! Our hotel was nice it was supposed to have a 10 acre heated pool but it lied to me.. I was quite dissapointed about that but overall it was such a great trip!! I missed my baby girl so much!! I was having major withdrawls!! I made it threw the 4 days and being able to see her happy face when we pulled up was so worth the wait!! I love my baby!!!

Here is a picture of Me and Lyndsi on the long drive down there.

This sign is a little outdated.

Our hotel.

Here is our view from our room. We were on the 26th floor!!

Coleman riding on the monorail.

We had dinner at Toby Keiths resturaunt and it was delicious!!
There waitresses were dressed pretty scandalous but who isn't in vegas!!
Taylor really wanted to get a picture with our waitress but he asked her 2 different times and she kinda ignored him!! Ha ha!

Taylor and Lyndsi on the monorail.

We went to the crazy expensive M&M store.

.. and browsed through the Coke store.

Lyndsi and I really wanted to browse through this store...

and we REALLY REALLY wanted to go this store but the men wouldn't let us take one step in there!!  The probably had a good reason!! :)

For those of you who watch the show Pawn Stars.. here it is!!

Great right.. umm not really it's just your average pawn shop.
Or I guess you could call it an "I love Chumlee gift shop" : )

*We went to the Blue Man Group show that totally rocked!! It's so great!! If you haven't seen it you should totally go!! I would have taken a pic or two but you aren't allowed to. Instead i just took this picture of the screen and one of me and coleman as well..

After the show one of the Blue Man Group members came out to take some pictures.

Here we are!!