Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our trip to Washington

 When I found out that Coleman was leaving for a week for work I decided to take a trip of my own!! Sara came along and we packed up the tahoe and Paige of course :) and we drove to Walla Walla, Washington to see Zach, Nikky and Declan!! I am so glad we had the guts to make this trip by ourselves because we really had a lot of fun and we miss them so much!! I hate having them live so far away but at least 9 hours to Washington isn't as bad as them living in Memphis so that is a plus!! Paige and Declan miss each other a lot too!! They have learned to play really well together (for the most part) They had a ton of fun playing on aunt SaSa's (Sara's) air mattress!! It was one of their favorite toys!! We had such a great time and hopefully we will get to see them again soon!!! We miss them way too much!!

Cutest cousins ever!!

Trying to catch the bubbles!!

We took the kids to feed the ducks which they LOVED!!

Have I mentioned that Paige loves the swings!!!

this picture cracks me up!! She is loving the wind in her hair!! Ha!

We also spent an afternoon at the splash park!!

It looks like they are holding hands!! I'm not sure they were but we can pretend!! :)

Love this little man!!

My attempted picture with Paige

Zach and Declan at the baseball game!

Zach, Declan (grumpy), and Nikky

Nikky and Sara

The girls + Declan :)

I think I speak for me and Sara when I say that we had a really really great time!! It was great just to hang out and have fun.. It was so so hard to leave and we were all crying but hopefully we get to see them soon!! We love you guys and miss you SOO much!! Thanks for letting us crash at your house for a week :)

Fun at the water park!!

Okay I am pretty behind on blogging so I am trying to catch up!! The first or second week of July Lyndsi and I took the girls to Rexburg Rapids for the first time!! They both loved it and we had a lot of fun!! We took them again last week and it wasn't as warm and the girls were both crying and freezing!! They had goosebumps all over their cute little bodies!! Hopefully the next time we take them they will enjoy it more!!!

They loves splashing in the little fountains!

Paige is posing for the camera!!

Maecie is so dang cute and I wanted a good pic but she wouldn't sit still!! But this is still adorable just a little close up ;)