Friday, January 28, 2011

Brody's birthday

Brody's birthday was last week and I forgot to post the pictures from it. We all met at the Pizza Pie Cafe aka Craigo's and had some dinner and then went back to Ann and Lyndon's for some delicous chocolate cake that Sara made and some ice cream.For some random reason Brody decided that he liked getting his picture taken and he was very photogenic for the camera!  Grandpa had his Ipad out watching/reading a Toy Story book and Paige was IN LOVE! She was so excited and had lots of fun sitting on Grandpa's lap listening to the book. These pictures are really cute! Enjoy - oh and Happy Birthday to Brody.

so cute

Our girl is growing up

Lately Paige has seemed to be getting older.. I know it sounds strange but she changes so much from day to day still. I love being able to stay home with her and watch all the new things she is learning.

Paige loves her dad so much! When he comes home from work her face just lights up. She is such a daddy's girl when she is happy but a total mommy's girl when she is sad.

She points at everything.
She loves to clap for herself when she thinks she does something awesome (which she does a lot!)
She loves her books she will open them and turn the pages, she babbles a lot when she is playing with her books almost like she is reading a little story to herself.
She loves her bath time in the morning and she loves to splash in the water!
She likes to push around her little walker car thing she pushes it faster than her legs can move with it so she falls a lot.
Paige is so smiley almost all of the time which makes it even more fun to be home with her all day.
Her 2nd tooth is finally just about to break through so she will finally have another one!
She likes to crawl up the stairs. It makes her think she is a really big girl!
Paige eats almost anything except for green vegetables or mixed vegetables and she eats a lot of mom and dads food too.

I just can't believe our little girl is 10 months old!! Time goes by way too fast when you have a baby! We love you Paigebug!

reading her book

Playing with her lap top ;)

Trying to push her walker thing.

She learned her cheesy smile from cousing Declan

Our sweet baby.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Declan's photo shoot!

I have to just say that Declan is probably the cutest little boy ever!! I had my camera out a few different times trying to take pictures of him and Paige and when I would say 1-2-3!!! He would look at me and get this super cheesy grin on his face!! It was so hilarious and he did it every time! At grandma and grandpa Oswald's he even did some posing!! So cute!! Enjoy!

This is my all time favorite one that I took of Declan! Isn't he just a little Stud!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Years

So on the day of the wedding Paige started getting sick and was whiney all night long. It was so sad. The next morning she woke up feeling even worse so Cole and I took her to the doctor and he pretty much just said she had to get over it on her own.(LAME) So anyways New Years Eve was kinda miserable for me because Paige was sad and sick and she only wanted to be held by me and I couldn't walk away for what felt like 5 seconds without her crying. It was really sad. Sorry to everyone who had to hear her cry all day and most the night :( We went to Grandma and Grandpa Oswald's which was a nice little get away because cousin Kelly helped to occupy Paige a little bit so I could have a few minutes to relax. When Cole and I left their house so we could put Paige to sleep at his parents house Paige would not sleep and just wanted to cry. It was the hardest night ever! We took her for a ride in the truck which usually zonks her out but nothing was working this time.. She finally just layed down in the pack n play and fell asleep I think from exhaustion from all the crying!! This was around 11:15 pm... And guess what she decided it was only a power nap and woke up at 11:45!!AHHH!! Long story short it was a bad long night. We took her to the doctor again on friday because she still wasn't getting better and she had an ear infection and sinus infection.. So now she is finally getting better and is on antibiotics!! Poor girl. I hate it when she is sick!!!
Kelly and Paige

This is the happiest we saw her all day long!

Sad huh?

We gave her some delicious Fried Ice Cream that Aunt Jen made!

She was ticked when we ate it all!!
That is a mean glare!

Right before a sneeze!! This picture makes me want to cry!! Poor Girl!

Sara and Brody's wedding!!!

So Sara and Brody got married on December 30!! It was an awesome day to be a part of!! They both looked amazing and the day went really really well. After the ceremony at the temple it was snowing but it was the perfect light snow and it made for some very pretty pictures! My mom was awesome and watched Paige for the first half of the day and then we picked her up to go to the Shelton for pictures and the reception. The whole day was so awesome and Cole and I were so grateful that we got to be apart of it!! Welcome to the family Brody!!! Congratulations to the both of you!! We Love you!

The Hunt's
Declan, Me and Paige

It's not easy to hold Declan and Paige while he is trying to give her Loves! :)

My handsome hubby and beautiful baby girl!

Paige didn't feel well :(

Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas post continued...

Paige's cute gift from Aunt Hailey and Hilary

Love Love Love this picture

Paige opening uncle DeeJay's gift

He got her this cute pair of pajamas that looks like dirt bike riding gear

Grandma Lauretta and Paige

Grandma Kristie and Paige

Strange pic but I love it!


Okay so we had such a fun Christmas this year with Paige!! It was so much fun shopping for her and spoiling her!!! She was so cute on Christmas morning. Cole and I woke up before she did which never happens so we went and opened our gifts from each other. Paige still wasn't awake so we went and woke her up because we were too excited to wait for her! She was so happy to see us and we took her out to her toy from Santa and her face lit up with a huge smile and she went right to playing with it. Santa brought Paige an activity table and she loves it. We also got her some clothes and new bows and a few other little toys. She is such a sweetie. When we were leaving to go into town we were frozen into our garage!!! Crazy I know. But the rubber flap on the bottom of the garage door had frozen to the ground out in front of the house so coleman had to go put hot water on it to make it lift up!!! I didn't even know that could happen. We went to the yearly Christmas morning brunch at Cole's parents house which was DELICIOUS!!! We opened gifts there and then went and spent the afternoon with my family which was way fun. And for one day Paige didn't cry when my dad was around her!! It was so awesome! It was a really great Christmas!!

Our Christmas Angel

Paige and mommy

These 2 are so cute together!

This isn't the greatest pic but it is the only one I have of the Oswald family

Santa brought Paige an activity table that she loves!

Daddy and Paige christmas morning

gifts from mommy and daddy

such a sweetheart

Grandma Pilkington and Paige at Christmas brunch!