Thursday, March 8, 2012

Karli's baby shower

My mom and I put on a baby shower for Karli on the 18 of February. We had an open house style of shower and just did it at the church. We had a great turn out!! Thank you everyone who came and for the nice things that you gave Karli! I know that helped her out so much and she is very grateful!! It was fun to have the shower but it was so nice to have it over with!! Now she only has a few weeks left and I will be an Aunt again! Only this time it will be on my side of the family. A weird situation  that we are making the most of!! I am excited to meet sweet little Kysen and I am proud of my sister for growing up! She is going to be a great mom!

Happy Valentines ...Late

For Christmas Coleman and bought tickets to the Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker and Thomas Square concert and it just happened to be on Valentines day! We went with Sara and Brody and can I just say BEST CONCERT EVER!! I loved it!! We were pretty high up in the stands but it was still a great show! The pics are kinda crappy but i'll put them up anyways!! Thanks Cole for such a fun night!!

Thompson Square

Itty bitty picture of Darius Rucker

Lady A on the big screen

Birthday fun!!

I was so spoiled for my birthday this year!! Seriously!! This year it ended up being on the same day as the Super Bowl! Meaning a lot of people were also celebrating my birthday! :) Coleman and I had decdided to go out to dinner on Saturday the day before but he wouldn't tell me where we were going! We dropped Paige off at Grandma and Grandpa's and then we had to get gas and started driving. Cole tried to tell me that we were having dinner in Driggs and all I could do was laugh and say "yeah right!" I finally figured out that we were going to Heise for pizza!! Delicious! But I was thrown off by the fact that he said we needed a reservation and I know you don't need one of those there! When we walked in to the pizza parlor there was a table reserved and all of our family was sitting there!!! He reserved a table and my fam and his fam and PAIGE had all come to celeberate and swim!!! Yay!! I was so suprised I had not seen that coming at all it was such a wonderful night!! Plus i got the Iphone 4S!!!!! See so spoiled : ) We had everyone over to the house on Sunday to watch the superbowl and eat way too much food and I was given more presents!! Thanks everyone for making it such a great birthday!!!

The card sang when you opened it and she was having so much fun with it!

my two sweeties

Karli and Dusty