Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas tree, Crib, Baby Declan and Wingers!!

Here is the pic of Cole and I looking so awesome!! You can tell i am definately starting to chunk up! Ha. How embarassing! I have been able to feel her move so much more lately and so has Coleman. It is the best feeling in the whole world. It makes the bond between me and her so much stronger every time and i just love it.

Cole, Sara and I went to Wingers for dinner tonight and my friend Emmy was working. They were having a contest between the workers to see who could have the most customers wear antlers while we were waiting for our food. It was so embarassing and Coleman volunteered Sara and I to wear them. Thankfully Emmy brought him some out too so Sara and I weren't the only ones to feel like idiots!!

Zach, Nikky and Declan have finally arrived!! Cole and I were so excited that we were able to meet our adorable little nephew!! He is even cuter in person!! He is such a good baby and he is so happy and smiley. I just love him and it made me so much more excited to have our own baby here!! I can't wait for her to come!! We don't have too much longer left either which is very exciting and kind of nerve racking!
More pictures will come of  Declan once we get a chance to be with him more!

So we have had our crib put together for awhile now i just haven't had a chance to take a picture and take the time to post it!! I love it! It is even better than i excpected it to be! I am so glad we went with this crib! Its amazing! I just bought some bedding today so i can't wait until it gets here so that i can really start decorating her room!

My mom's friend from work gave Me and Cole this huge Christmas tree. We love it but we definately had trouble with the lights! It was supposed to be a pre-lit tree but most of the lights didn't work! But here is the finished product!! We love it and are so grateful it was given to us!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and i will post more pictures as soon as i get a chance!!
Happy Holidays!!