Friday, July 31, 2009

Dirtbikin Fun

Okay so a few weeks ago my family (Dad, Deejay and Cole along with some cousins) decided to be in the team race out at Noise Park. The rules were that you could have 3 riders on a team and to qualify each rider had to complete at least 3 laps. Sound easy? I don't think so. Not only were the boys riding in 100 degree weather, the race lasted for 5 HOURS, the laps were each 9 miles long, and in the middle of a desert!!! Yikes! So my brother started the race for their team and about a quarter into the first lap my brother broke 2 master links off of his chain and Coleman and to leave and finish the lap for him. Bikes were breaking down left and right and a lot of riders were getting hurt, including Coleman. He was going about 40 miles an hour when he wrecked and his bike landing right on top of him, dislocating his wrist and really tearing up his whole left side of his body. So now he gets to have a bulky brace on until it starts feeling better!! My dad has always said, " If you aren't crashin, you aren't riding hard enough." That may not be the best motto but i think Coleman was riding pretty hard!! Nice job babe!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Smith Family Reunion

Every two years my Grandma's family has a family reunion and it is a blast!! Its almost always at Heise. Anyways so me and cole packed up our new little camper and went to camp for 3 days with my crazy family!! We had so much fun. We sung kareoke and swam at the pool and had a pot luck and even got a chance to go riding a little bit before my awesome four wheeler broke down!! It was so much fun though, i forgot how much i love camping! Our camper was awesome and we had my brother, sister and mom sleep in there with us too. And everything but the fridge works! We had hot water and everything it rocked!! It was always really nice to see all of the distant family again and i really look forward to the next reunion in a couple of years!!