Thursday, February 18, 2010

New baby pics!!

Sweet baby girl wasn't as active yesterday during our ultrasound but we still got to see her and that is all that matters. She is growing at a good rate and everything is looking good. I really look forward to seeing her every two weeks now until the baby comes!! It's so exciting and I truely love that Coleman comes to all of the appointments with me. He is so supportive and so awesome i just love him!! Thanks babe. So here are some pics of our baby girl that will be arriving soon!  In the third picture you can see her smiling a little bit. That is my favorite picture.
I have definitely been "nesting" lately. I have been washing all of her clothes and blankets and making sure that i have all of the stuff ready for her. I need to have Coleman hang up a few things in her room and then i will post some pictures of it. I love the way its turning out!

February is full of fun!

February is pretty FULL of events for Cole and I. We have my birthday, Valentines Day, and then our anniversary at the end of the month. My birthday wasn't anything big this year which i was glad because I didn't want it to be. I got a lot of fun things though. I got a few new books which i can't wait to read, some new shoes, a cute sweat suit and some gift cards! So thanks to all the family for the nice gifts. For Valentines Day Coleman brought me some beautiful red roses that i loved and wasn't expecting at all and got me two Willow Tree decorations. It was the perfect gift.

And we have been car shopping for quite some time now and we finally bought a car!! We love it and are so excited to get to drive it more. It's definitely going to take some getting used to since it's such a big step up from my car but I am so excited about it and couldn't be more grateful! Well here it is!! It's a Cadillac CTS.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

32 Weeks

We had an ultrasound and a check up yesterday and everything went really well. It was so much fun to see our baby girl again.During the ultrasound she got the hiccups and we were able to watch them for a minute. It was pretty cute. She definitley was moving all over the place and didn't want to hold still for the tech to get many good pictures but we did get a few.  The tech said that everything is looking good. She weighs about 4 pounds now and i think she is very cute. Ha. We have another ultrasound in 2 weeks to keep track of her growth and to make sure she is still doing well. She is head down now which i already figured since i constantly feel like i have a foot in my rib. It is nice to know that we are really on the down hill slope. Last Sunday I was having some contractions but they were nothing to be too worried about. I was pretty sure they were going to kill me : )but the doctor said that I need to just keep an eye on them and unless they become regular and closer together I should be fine. I haven't had any since then so i'm sure we will be good for awhile. She has dropped a little which has helped my heartburn (thank goodness) I still have it but its nothing like it was. Coleman and I are getting so excited and we can't wait to have her here with us. Thank you to everyone who came to my baby shower on Saturday! It was so nice to see all of you and we are very grateful for all of the gifts. Once I get her room all organized I will definitley put some pictures on here.
So here are some pictures the we got yesterday. There are 3 face shots. The top on is in the 4D which is kinda weird but kinda fun. She is definitley not happy with us and is crinkling her eyebrows and sticking out her tongue. It looks like she has attitude already : ) She's taking after her momma.