Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our Spontaneous Trip!

So this past week Hilary won tickets to the Snow Patrol concert and she gave them to us!! I was super sick all last week with sinusitis and we weren't sure if we were going to be able to go but thanks to some antibiotics i was feeling better!! We had lunch with Hilary and Hailey at the Cheesecake Factory which was delicious and we went to the concert later that evening. The Plain White T's were also supposed to perform but their lead singer was sick so they only play 3 songs and were done but Snow Patrol rocked!! It was so much fun and they are great entertainers! We had so much fun. Thanks again Hilary!!

Here is me and Cole at the concert.. I look awful!!
This is Plain White T's

Here is a video of Snow Patrol.. Sorry it doesn't sound very good!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Powder Puff Game

So last week for Bonneville's homecoming week they had there annual powder puff game. Deejay and his friends really enjoyed dressing up as the cheerleaders. The funny thing is, there were more boys on the "varsity cheer team" for the powderpuff game than there are on the real varsity cheer team!! They did pretty good though.

DeeJay does make a pretty good girl though, i must admit. That skirt really showed off his legs ;)