Thursday, May 10, 2012


Easter this year was a lot of fun! Its awesome seeing Paige understand more and get so excited! We had some easter egg hunts and the Easter Bunny came on sunday morning. She got a new sunday dress and a kite and some books and of course some candy!! We spent the weekend with family and had a great time!
A few days later Coleman and Paige had a daddy daughter night and Coleman decided to splurge and buy Paige a club house! It will eventually go outside but until then it's in the spare bedroom! She Loves it!

Baby Kyson

My sister had constantly joked around about having her baby on Paige's birthday and I told her it was NOT allowed!! I know that is selfish but I like that Paige has her own birthday! Plus Karli wasn't due until the 31 of March and I really didn't think she would go early. Boy was I wrong!! Paige's birthday was on Wednesday the 21 and on Thursday Karli came with me and my mom to run some errands. She had been to the doctor that afternoon and she had been complaining of aching pains that would come and go and I kept telling her she was having contractions but she wouldn't believe me because they didn't *hurt*
Coleman and I were going on a date and we left Paige with my mom and Karli and not even 20 minutes after we had left my mom calls me and says she is taking Karli to the hopsital. We met them over there and Karli was totally in labor!! Coleman took Paige home so I could stay at the hopsital and just after midnight Karli gave birth to my sweet new nephew Kyson Dusty Freeman! It was so awesome being there and Karli has been such a wonderful momma!! I am very proud of her and I hope she knows that! I hope she can raise him in the gospel and that her and Dusty and make it to the temple soon. A week after Kyson was born Karli and Dusty got married!! We are happy for them and we hope that they can have a great future together!! Here are some pictures of our sweet little nephew!

              He is so sweet and cuddly i just love him so much!! And Paige LOVES her baby Kyson.