Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Heise family reunion

Every two years my Grandma Linda's side of the family has a family reunion and it is always something I look forward to so much! I love getting together with all the cousins. Paige loved swimming at Heise and thought she was such a big girl and wanted to lay down and tan next to her granmda.. It was so funny!

Such a big girl!

Grandma Kristie and Uncle Deejay

Paige and Aunt Karli swimming

Paige wanted to lay right on top of grandma!!

Paige loves the camp chair that Uncle Deejay got her for her birthday.

Deejay and cousin Kaily sitting by the auction stuff

Everyone waiting to take pics of the zipline. Notice my cousin Kim's face! Hilarious!

Karter and Connor played so good with Paige they are awesome cousins!

I didn't get any good pictures of the cousins on the new zipline at Heise but it is pretty cool!!
Coleman and I were nominated to plan the next reunion so we have a lot of work ahead of us but it will be a lot of fun! I can't wait until 2013!!!

Coleman's surgery

Coleman had surgery the end of June to have his Ulnar nerve relocated so that he could begin building up the strenth and feeling back in his hand. It was a pretty crazy surgery but everything went really well. Cole had a hard time coming out of anesthesia and he was really sick from all of the medicine. He had a rough week having bad side effects from the pain medication. When he was able to switch to ibuprofen he felt so much better.. Paige was sad that her daddy couldn't play with her or hold her for awhile. She always find a way to cuddle with him though. She sure loves her daddy. Coleman is slowly able to use his hand and arm again. He said he already has feeling in his fingers which is a huge plus!! I am so thankful for the doctors that fix us up and help us get back on with our lives!!

Right before going back to surgery.

My two sleeping sweeties

Notice Paige's belly hanging out of her shirt.. Ha

This is Paige giving her dad a kiss!! :)

Love these two!!

4th of July

I love love love the 4th of July!! It's definitely my favorite holiday!! Coleman, Paige and I got up early and met my family at Bubba's BBQ for breakfast..  Can you say TERRIBLE FOOD!! Anyways then we took Paige to the parade which was fun!! She was dancing to all the music and loved seeing the horses.. She was really good!! We went to Coleman's house and made us some sandwiches to take to our spot at the river and then all of us headed to our spot.. Part of the reason why I love the 4th of July so much is because I love being outside with our families. I love spending the whole day and night out at the greenbelt before the fireworks. We walked down by all the booths and the food and had some lunch and relaxed under the canopy most of the day just chatting and hanging out.. Paige actually took a nap in her stroller too and that NEVER happens!! She loved watching the fireworks but it was so far passed her bedtime she fell asleep 10 minutes into the show. I don't know how she can sleep through all of the noise!! All in all it was a great day. Now the count down begins until the next 4th of July!!!

On our porch doing our own fireworks

daddy and his cast with a sparkler

Paige had SO much fun dancing at the parade.

And squirting everyone at the river with the mister

Cole, Me, Paige, Sara and Hailey

Me and my baby girl!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Sooooo if you have ever been around me and talked to me about swimming, water, boating ect. you know that I hate it!!! :) I have always sworn that we would NEVER own a boat.. But sometimes things change. :) Nikky (my sister in law) has a step uncle i think he would be : / that was GIVING his boat away to Nikky's dad but he didn't want it so they offered it to us for FREE!!! Of course Coleman jumped on the idea very quickly and I was more hesitant!! The only condition was that we had to go to Vegas and pick it up ourselves. This offer came about the week that Cole and I were driving to Vegas with our friends, So it worked out great. The boat is in amazing condition and it runs beautifully!! It had hardly been used before we got it. We had to put new tires on the boat trailer to get it home but other than that it was an amazing deal!! We wanted to take Zach and Nikky on the boat before they moved to Washington. So we did and we all had a great time!! Needless to say the boat is going to be really fun and I will sit in the boat but NO tubing for me!!! And by the way Nikky I don't hate you for the boat idea :)

Cute cousins

Sara and Brody getting ready to go on the tube.

Zach and Declan.
Declan was really tired and not happy about being on the boat.
He kept trying to cover his eyes.

And then he fell asleep in his momma's arms. So sweet!!

Paige on the other hand LOVES the boat!

Captain Coleman :)

Nikky was pretty terrified of tubing...
It was SO hilarious!! I wish you could clearly see the expression on her face in this picture.

Zach did a great job wake boarding!!

Coleman did good wake boarding too!! He was happy he got to go out on the boat before his surgery.

Smore's.... Delicious!!

I love love doing things with our families and We all love being outside. We had a "campfire" in Cole's parents backyard in their firepit a few weeks ago and here are some fun pictures. It was raining but we still ate some delicious smore's and enjoyed each others company!! Definitely a fun night to remember.

These two are seriously too much alike sometimes!!! :)

Trying to stay dry

I am not sure why I look so stupid in this picture but I do! Ha.

Declan and "bumpa" aka Grandpa

Paige loving her camping chair! What a big girl!

This is Sara getting pretty wet!!