Wednesday, December 31, 2008

House 411

So here is some new news on the house. It would be coming along perfectly if we would stop getting robbed. We have been robbed 3 times now and its getting really old. This time they broke out the front window in the living room and took all of our hardwood floors that had been delivered the previous day along with the lights that hadn't been installed yet. They left tire marks and foot prints all over the house too. Coleman decided that since the last 3 weeks of the construction are the most crucial he's going to start sleeping out there in order to help insure the safety of our home. So here are some pictures of the home as of yesterday. The rock and siding are coming along great. I loved the way the paint turned out too. The bottom half of the railing around the living room as a different texture than the brown color so it really sets it apart.

Coleman and i decided to do the red accent wall in the kitchen and the master bedroom. The red in these pictures kinda looks like a red violet though but its not. And then there is a picture of our cabinets in the kitchen. I can't wait for the house to be finished. We are both getting very excited not only because then it means the wedding is closer but also because we won't have to deal with much of the hassle anymore.

Anyways, Cole and i have been interviewed by channel 3 and 8 news about the robberies so hopefully these punks will get stopped!! if anyone has any ideas on how to keep our house safer please let me know. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanx Hailey for the tag!

This is my first time being tagged so here it goes :)

Seven things i can do:
1. I can cut hair
2. I can color hair
3. I can roll a pretty darn good perm
4. I can make people laugh and smile
5. I can style hair like a pro
6. I can give a really good facial
7. I can sell hair products
Seven things i can't do:
1. I can't bowl
2. I can't swim
3. I can't braid hair
4. I can't work out for very long
5. I can't last through a movie without falling asleep
6. I can't sing
7. I can't beat Coleman at Mario Party on the Wii
Seven things that attracted me to my fiance:
1. His good looks
2. How willing he is to do anything for anyone
3. How he is so giving
4. How he is very observant - is that even a word? ha
5. Hard working
6. How entertaining he is
7. He can make ANYONE laugh or smile
Seven things i say often:
1. I love you
2. How are you today?
3. Do you have an appointment?
4. Can i help you find something?
5. What would you like to change about your hair?
6. How is that water temperature?
7. Can i get this checked off?
Seven people i admire:
1. Coleman
2. Mom
3. Dad
4. Kayla
5. Ann
6. Lyndon
7. All my grandparents
Seven of my favorite foods & drinks:
1. Root beer
2. Rolls from Texas Roadhouse
3. Ann's Chicken Rolls
4. Mom's chicken enchiladas
5. Strawberry slush from Sonic
6. Chicken strips from TGIF
7. Caramel Hershey's kisses :)
Okay now i tag Cortney, Mindy, Challis and Misty :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Cruise pix

This is me and Hides and the island of Haiti.

Here is Jamaica baby!

Grand Caymen was probably the most wealthy and cleanest of the 4 ports that we visited.

And finally Cazumel, Mexico.

Cruise pictures

This is me and heidi's room on the ship they were pretty big we shared a bed and had a balcony off of our room! it was so awesome!

Here is the Miami sunset as the ship was pullin away for us to start our cruise! Isn't it SO pretty!?

This is our ship. It was the Freedom of the Seas ship. It was so huge it had 14 floors. It also had an ice skating rink, a casino, pools, rock climbing, basketball courts, a running track and so much more!!

My Cruise!

So i got the chance to go on a cruise with my bestie heidi over thanksgiving!! it was so awesome we had a blast!!! We flew into miami and left from there the next day. We got to visit Haiti, Jamaica, The Grand Caymen and Cazumel, Mexico! We had almost perfect weather the entire trip and had the time of our lives. The first real day of the cruise was a full day at sea so we just hung out all day on the ship which was an adventure all in itself. On tuesday we arrived in Haiti which was so pretty they had a bar-b-que set up for us for lunch with native's of Haiti doing dancing and things for entertainment. We hung out on the beach and relaxed which was so nice! on Wednesday we went to JAMAICA! Can you say green! this place was absolutely beautiful! There is a place in Jamaica callled the Dunn River Falls. It's this HUGE waterfall that you climb up!! it was so cold at first but then it got so fun. The waters was runnin pretty fast so you had to be careful when you were stepping up the rocks but it was so much fun! i never thought i would ever climb up a waterfall! Thursday of the cruise was thanksgiving day which didn't ever seem like thanksgiving at all! We went to Grand Caymen this day and it was so hot outside! we did a lot of shopping and went to a beach that was so pretty. Heidi and i got our hair braided that too!! It hurt way bad but it looked really pretty! :) On Friday we stoppped at our last destination before going home which was Cazumel, Mexico. It was such a nice day outside and we had the perfect weather for when we went SNORKELING. Now for those of you that don't know me well i hate swimming. i have a phobia of getting my face in the water and i can't swim worth poo so this was definately an adventure for me! We traveled on a little boat for 45 minutes out into the middle of the ocean and then we jumped in the water. it was so awesome we saw so many fish and some of them even came right up to you so you could touch them. i saw two sea turtles that were HUGE and that was so sweet there were some really pretty sea life around us. I'm glad i didn't chicken out of that adventure cuz i definatley would have missed out on a lot! Anyways here are a few pictures of my trip!! Enjoy!