Wednesday, July 21, 2010

4 months already!!

I cannot believe our little Paige Bug is 4 months old!! It's so crazy!! She is so much fun! She keeps me busy that is for sure! I love staying home with her every day!We don't go to her 4 month check up until July 29 So more pictures will come then as well.
1. Paige loves to jabber and talk your ear off! It's the cutest thing you'll ever hear
2. Scratch that. I think her laugh is probably the cutest thing you will ever hear!
3. She loves to stand up when you hold her
4. The minute Coleman walks into the room Paige's eyes light up. She definitely loves her papa.
5. Cole's new nickname for Paige is Pooh.... I'm not a big fan : )
6. Paige loves her hands she is either chewing on them or pulling your hair.
7. I bought her this cute little play mat that has a few fun things for her to play with and she loves the little frog that hangs in front of her. She loves to chew on it's feet and when you pull on it it plays music.
8. Paige is completely formula fed now...Yay for mommy : )
9. There is a good chance that Paige will be a runner because her legs are constantly moving. It's so cute.
 - ( It kinda makes me scared for when she is able to walk though!!)
10. Paige has learned how to blow bubbles and do a motor boat noise with her mouth. It is so funny.
11. She has been sleeping in her crib for about a month now.
12. Paige can roll over from her tummy to her back. Both directions. She can almost roll from her back to her tummy but she gets stuck half way.
- We decided not to take Paige to the parade this year for the 4th because it was too cold but we did go see the fireworks and suprisingly she slept through the whole thing!!
13. Still no teeth yet but she sure is a drooling girl.
14. She loves to pull her dresses up to her mouth and chew on them too.
15. Paige loves to be naked!! And almost naked with her diaper on.
16. She loves to look at herself in the mirror or look at big pictures of herself.
- I am so excited to see how much Paige will weigh when we take her to her app. It seems like she is growing like a weed.
This is down at the river for the fireworks

Possibly one of my favorite pictures

First camping trip
First campin trip with mama
And of course she'll look at the camera when mom is takin the pic.
Love it.