Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Phillip Wilson and my first time Golfing

So last year Phillip Wilson came to AKA and he was able to come back this year too! For most of you who don't know who Phillip is he is one of the best hair dressers in the WORLD. He is ranked right next to Vidal Sassoon. It was so awesome that he was able to come and that i was able to go see him even though i don't go to that school anymore! Phillip created the alternative or free form style of cutting and it is absolutely amazing to watch him work!!

I was even lucky enough to sit by by very very good friend Challis :)

So Saturday Coleman went golfing all morning and then called me that afternoon and told me that he was taking me golfing that night. I was not happy with the idea and fought it but obviously i didn't win my battle! We went with our very awesome friends Kaleb and Adrianne Buck!! They are so fun to hang out with. It was Adrianne's first time golfing in awhile so i didn't feel too bad. I did pretty well though and we had quite a bit of fun besides being eaten alive by mosquitos!!

My cute little husband! I'm not going to lie it was kind of fun letting him teach me how to do something that he loves so much!! Thanks Cole!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our New Purchase

So some of our relatives found this trailer that they thought they might buy but when they told us they weren't interested we decided to look at it just for fun. I went and saw it first and I'm not going to lie i thought it would be a fun project. It was a super good deal and i told Coleman we couldn't pass it up. It is older but its in really good condition. The curtains need replaced and the cushions need covered because they are like 70's flower power! Ha. My grandpa called it GROOVY! ha ha. Anyways we are pretty excited about it and excited to go camping and not have to sleep in a tent. That will definitely be nice! Thanks again Coleman, you really are the best husband EVER!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

My State Board Test

So i left for Boise last Sunday with my grandma, mom, and brother to go take my test on Monday. I was SO nervous i couldn't even handle myself! I felt like i was a complete mess during the whole test and was sure that i didn't pass. What makes everything even worse is that they don't tell you if you passed or failed for a full week!! I have been sick about whether or not i passed and its just been eating at me all week. So today when i got on to see if the results were posted yet and i saw that they were i got sick to my stomach. And then just to make the suspense all that much worse my computer kicked me off the Internet about 3 times so it took me forever to see if i passed or not... but I DID I PASSED MY TEST! So i am officially a cosmetologist!! I finished my 2000 hours at school the day after i took my test! I'm all graduated and it feels amazing. Its awesome to know that i have accomplished this huge goal all by myself! I did it. And every minute and all of the hard work i put in was so worth it. So now my plan is to start working as a stylist at Trade Secret which is in the mall starting July 1st. Thanks for all of the help and support everyone has given me this past year!! I appreciate it so much.