Monday, November 3, 2008

Cole and i got invited to a few parties on halloween but neither of us were feeling very good. i was starting to get really sick and so we just stayed home and played card games with the fam. But in this pic you can see how big mac is starting to get.. His legs are way long and he likes to chew on EVERYTHING in site. But we love him anyways.


So we all had to dress up for school and that was a lot of fun. The Top picture is our director/instructor allison price. She probably had the best costume by far. Most of us didn't even recognize her actually!! it was so real it was scary. I must admit though i like her a lot more as a woman!! ;) The bottom picture is me and my besties. Kayla dressed up as a bumble bee..she looked so dang cute! Hides had a baseball costume on that said Wheeler Electric on it!! it was awesome.. I wasn't feeling too good all day so i just wore coleman's football jersey!