Thursday, February 17, 2011

My birthday and new projects.

So my birthday was wonderful mainly because I finally had Coleman home for his trip. Paige and I missed him so much!! He came home the night before my birthday at about 1130. It was so great because Zach, Nikky, Declan and Hailey all came up from Utah. We really missed Hilary. Our day was good though. I feel a little strange posting this picture but I think it's really funny. My birthday is always the same weekend as the super bowl. Coleman had to go to Albertsons and sittin on the table when he walked in the door were a bunch of bottles of Bud Light and roses in them. Quite hilarious for a birthday present since I turned 21!!! So He gave it to me and I just died! At first I thought was a creative gift and then I thought what the heck!!! He is so funny I just love him. I also went to lunch with my family and had dinner and ice cream cake with Cole's family. It was a great birthday!! Cole took Paige and me to Utah last weekend to get away and so I could do a little shopping for my birthday. To be honest I didn't really buy anything except for 2 shirts. I would much rather buy clothes for Paige ;) so I did. hehe. We had a great time hanging out with Taylor, Lyndsi and Maecie. They are the Best!! Overall it was a great birthday!