Thursday, January 14, 2010

Latest belly pic.

Well here you go. This is the picture of my belly that just keeps growing and growing! I am almost 30 weeks now. YAY!! I am becoming more uncomfortable by the day, not only because i am out of room but because i am carrying her fairly high and it is making it hard to breathe and the heartburn just keeps getting worse. Coleman makes fun of me because he told me that i have started to waddle. I think i only do it late at night though when my back and my feet are killing me. At least i hope thats only when i do it. : ) It's time to start the final count down now. We are getting so excited and i just can't wait to meet her. I think we have officially decided to name her Paige Nikole unless it changes when she gets here but as of now her name is Paige. Her room is coming together slowly but surely. We have all the bedding put on the crib and we bought a dresser that matches quite nicely. The dresser is also going to be used as a changing table so we don't have to buy a seperate one. We have another ultrasound scheduled for February 3 so that we can make sure she is growing at the right rate. By the size of my belly i think she is doing fine. I will post pictures of her when we get them!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Husband Tag

So I read my friends blog and i just thought this would be a fun post. I just love Coleman so much and am very grateful to have him in my life! We are so excited to be parents and start this new journey together. I hope you enjoy this post and if you have a husband you should post about him too. Its fun!

 Here is a pic of Cole while he was on his mission.
We have so much fun together.

Here is Uncle Coleman and Declan. Cole is going to be such a good dad!


-How did we meet? We just knew each other from highschool
-How long we dated before we were married? 3 Years

-How long have we been married? Almost 1 year!
-What is my favorite feature about him? His big beautiful smile

-What is my favorite quality of his? He is always making me and everyone else laugh.

-What is his nickname? I mostly just call him Cole
-What is his favorite color? Blue just like his car.
-What is his favorite food? Pizza and any kind of meat and potatoes!
-What is his favorite sport? Golf and snowmobiling
-Who said the L word first? I think he did but we started out saying " I kinda like you" until we were both ready : )

-Favorite couple thing to do? We both love to play games whether its on the nintendo wii or a card game we have tons of fun.
-How many kids? 1 baby girl that is almost here and then probably 3 more in the future. We'll see how it goes first.

-Secret talent? Coleman is very creative and can fix pretty much anything. Plus he is really smart with anything electronic.
-His age? Almost 22
-Favorite music? Pretty much anything
-Will he read this? Yes he will.
TAG: All the girls who read this and have a hubby to post about!!

It's been too long.

We had a wonderful Christmas and it was so awesome having Zach, Nikky and Declan here to visit. I am kicking myself in the butt for not taking more pictures because i hardly took any. All of the ones i have are of Declan and he is such a little wiggle worm most of them are blurry. So sadly i don't have any pictures of christmas. Part of the reason is probably becuase i feel so huge so pictures not really my thing. But i will have coleman take a picture of my ever growing belly and post it on here soon enough. We are starting the count down until our little sweetheart comes. Only 11 weeks left! I am so excited. Her room is slowly coming together and i am slowly buying more and more things for her. I am afraid she is spoiled already. We have another ultrasound the first week of February and i can't wait to see her again before she gets here. I will post belly pics soon!