Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More pictures from vacation

Okay look at her curly hair!! I love it!

She didn't have any toys to push around so instead she pushed the barstools!

Paige and momma

My grandma got a nintendo wii for christmas and she loves to play it!! She is an awesome bowler but she is not so good at playing mariokart. She was in last place!! Crazy grandma!!

Have I mentioned that Paige LOVES her baths?

The Camel farm.

Okay I know how it sounds a camel farm really? Well we wanted to do something other than just go to the swap meets while we were in Arizona and so we went to the camel farm. It was interesting to say the least!!ha Enjoy your pictures!!

Paige was seriously grumpy. She was not having this farm thing. She didn't smile the whole time and that is not like her at all!!!

Karli feeding the animals

the slight smile from paige

I told this donkey to smile as i took it's picture and this is what i got!! hahaha

This bull was probably the coolest animal of the whole place but you couldn't go back there to see it!!

Grandpa and Grandma

Our vacation to Arizona

So for spring vacation My mom, Deejay, Karli, Paige and I packed up the car and decided to road trip to Yuma, Arizona to see our grandparents! I was so sad that Coleman couldn't come and he was pretty upset too. It was hard to leave him but we will have more vacations in the future with him. Anyways we had told my grandma that we weren't leaving until 5 am on Saturday April 2nd because we wanted to get an early start since we were driving all the way through in one trip. Well we tricked her an actually left the night before and drove through the night to suprise her. 2 of us stayed awake while the other 2 slept and then we would switch!! It worked pretty good but let me tell you it was a VERY long night! About a 15 hour drive to be exact. We arrived at grandma and grandpa's house at about 630 am and boy was grandma suprised!! We had told grandpa that we were coming early so he would be expecting it!! It was great to see the look on my grandma's face and it was so nice to see them!! We miss them so much when they leave for the winter! The weather was absolutely beautiful while we were there!! 80 degrees most of the week!! Here are a few pics!!Enjoy
Deejay on the ride down.

Paige loving her toy from the kids meal from wendy's.
Paige sleeping in the car. She did so awesome!! She slept almost the whole way there!!

Deejay again watching Conference.

Grandma said she was just "resting her eyes" but she was totally sleeping!! :)

Karli being crazy as usual and messing with my camera!!

My mom is going to be ticked about this picture but it makes me laugh! Love you!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

St. Patricks day pictures

The 3 of us matched on St. Patty's day and we took some pictures... So I have to post them... : )

Can I just say this picture of me and coleman is ridiculous!!!
I had to post it, we never have pictures of the two of us anymore
because we are always taking pictures of Paige!!!
(She is much more fun to take pictures of and very cute too!)

Peach rings

This post is long overdue!! I just keep forgetting to put it on here. One night Coleman was sitting in the recliner eating some peach rings. He kept hiding them from Paige because we didn't want her to have any. Well she got up on the couch and crawled over there and found them, somehow neither of us noticed until we found her like this...

She had one in each hand and was sucking all of the sugar off of them!!

And then she decided to share with dad.... mm gross haha

How can anyone resist this cute little girl!!!