Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mother's Day and feeding the ducks

So Mother's day was really great!! Coleman is such an amazing husband he bought me a beautiful hanging flower basket that i LOVE and we are deciding on which jogging stroller to get and that is my gift!! How amazing right? I bought Paige an adorable shirt that said "I love my mommy" I just couldn't resist!!She is too adorable! I am so lucky to be a mom and to also have wonderful mothers in my life!! I have been so blessed with amazing Grandma's, My mom and also my Mother in law!!They are all very amazing women and I hope some day to be as wonderful as they all are!! Being a mother is the greatest gift on earth!

Me and my sweet baby girl.

The best pic i got of her shirt.

Isn't she so cute walking!
Our family picture.

Last week when we had a little bit of warm weather I wanted to take Paige to the river to feed the birds. Grandma Kristie and GGma Linda came with! It was so much fun and Paige really liked it, until the birds got very close and then she freaked out a little!! And to top it off we had some Reed's Dairy ice cream.. SO DELICIOUS!!

Paige and her grandma's

Saturday, May 14, 2011


So for Coleman's birthday I bought us tickets to go to the Supercross in Utah! I was so excited to have a few days alone with Coleman and to take a little trip!! The one weekend we were able to get away and it was FREEZING!! We were not prepared for the weather like we should have been. We both had our jackets and I took a small blanket to sit on but we both ended up huddled underneath the blanket trying to stay warm while it was snowing!!We had great seats too!! Row 10! When they started the event and the main races they would blow fire out of the tubes next to the finish line and it felt so good to be warm for a second!! We were wishing they would be on the whole time!! Even though the weather was crazy it was SO MUCH FUN!! We had a good time together and the races were awesome! Here are a few pics!!