Monday, October 4, 2010

6 months!!!

I can't believe that my baby is six months old already!! It feels like it took forever for her to get here and now the time won't slow down long enough for me to soak in every minute of her love!! Paige has been the happiest baby lately and you can't help but smile everytime she looks at you. She is such a little sweety!She is crawling now and at her six month doctors appointment Dr. Edwards said that she is very petite. She is only in the 7th percentile!! She weighed 13 lb 13 oz. and was 24 1/4 inches long!!! She is constantly moving so we are sure she is just burning those calories as fast as they go in her. She is so much fun!!She is a fast mover so we are always on our feet chasing her around!! She also likes to scream when she talks, especially during church!!It's hilarious but quite embarassing sometimes! Paige is such a little angel and we enjoy spending time with her so much. Oh!! I forgot to mention that she is totally a daddy's girl and loves it when he comes home from work!! Here is some pics!! enjoy!!


Annie and Dylan said...

AH! I want to see her! We need to get together! And I love the blonde in your hair!! Lets do something soon!

Darcie said...

She's so adorable. It's crazy how quickly they grow, isn't it?
She's in the 7th percentile? That is petite! My son is a chunker...haha. He's 5 months and is already 15 pounds or so. Chunky boy!

Oh, and I think the Scentsy thing is a great idea. I LOVE my Scentsy but need more scent bricks. And maybe another warmer for our upstairs!