Friday, March 29, 2013

Paige turns 3!!!

I cannot believe that our first baby is now 3! It blows my mind how fast time goes by. It really makes me want to cherish every minute with my girls before they get bigger. Paige is such a fun loving little 3 year old. She is so so smart and picks up on everything so fast! She just started a gymnastics class which she is loving. She needed something to focus her engergy towards. She loves to sing songs and play with all of her toys. She weighs 25.6 pounds and is only in the 5% :) She is a tiny little thing but she is so full of energy. She teaches us as much as we teach her and it is so fun to watch her grow and develope. We had a birthday party for her a little early so that Uncle DeeJay could be there before he left on his mission. It was great to have him there with all the rest of our family including GGMa and GGPa. That was a special little treat since they were here from Arizona for DeeJay's farewell. We had pizza along with cake and ice cream and opened her gifts. I think she had a great time! We missed all of our family that didnt make it!

Birthday Girl!

4 generation picture!
Paige's awesome new four wheeler that she Loves!

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