Friday, April 19, 2013

Coleman's suprise party!

So my wonderful hubby celebrated his 25th birthday on Monday!! I decided to throw him a surprise birthday party with some of our friends to celebrate this milestone! I was so nervous about giving it away because i am TERRIBLE at keeping secrets. Especially from Coleman! I am so proud of myself. He had NO clue that it was coming. I invited a bunch of our friends and family to come over to our house for ice cream sundaes the friday before his birthday. I called coleman on Friday afternoon and told him that I was taking him out for a birthday dinner and that I would pick him up at work at 5. We went and ate at Buffalo Wild Wings. That is Coleman's favorite place lately. Afterwards I blind folded him and headed for home but he didnt know where we were going. I drove around forever waiting for everyone to get to our house. He ended up falling asleep since he couldn't see and I wouldn't give him any clues! The party was a great success! I am so glad that many of our friends were able to come and celebrate. I wish I would have taken more pictures. I sure love Coleman with all my heart! He works so hard to provide for our family. I hope he knows how much I love and care for him! I am so thankful to be married to my best friend!

Also my moms birthday is the day after Coleman's. She came over and I made her favorite meal and some chocolate cupcakes! I should have taken some pics but I totally spaced!! Karli and Kyson came over after she got off work! I hope my mom had a wonderful birthday! She is such an amazing lady and I love her so much!!!


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